Eager Consulting

Overview Eager Consulting provides consulting services, contract programing, and training in software development, with an emphasis on Embedded Systems and Development Tools.
Services Here's a listing of the kinds of projects and services Eager Consulting can provide.
Developer Resources We've collected reference materials which we hope will be useful to software developers.
Dwarf 3 Standard Eager Consulting participated in the development of the initial standards for the Dwarf 1 and Dwarf 2 debugging file formats.  We are pleased to be involved with continuing this standards effort to create a Dwarf 3 standard.
EX-MRI We're pleased to host the web page for former Microtec Research employees.

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    Eager Consulting                             Information:   info@eagercon.com
    1960 Park Boulevard
    Palo Alto, CA 94306-1141
    (650) 325-8077