000406.2 B A R. Brender C Add new C variant definitions


Add a language identifier to support the C language, as defined in the C9X
(C99?) standard.

DWARF already has two language names for C: DW_LANG_C for "Non-ANSI C, such
as K&R", and DW_LANG_C89 for "ISO/ANSI C" (DWARF V2 section 3.1/page 23).

While the C99 standard is very, very close to upward compatible with C89,
there are some differences, for example new reserved keywords, that
could/would make it helpful for a DWARF consumer to know which of the (now 3)
language variants is in use.


Change the C89 line in Figure 7 to read:

    DW_LANG_C89 ISO/ANSI C (1989)

Add to Figure 7:

    DW_LANG_C99 ISO/ANSI C (1999)

Add to Figure 28:

    DW_LANG_C99 0x000c