991204.1 B A D. Anderson Editorial Line operator clarification

The description of DW_LNS_const_add_pc and
DW_LNS_fixed_advance_pc are, IMO, not as clear as they might be.

Due to the wording in bottom of page 54, it appears
that the value given to DW_LNS_const_add_pc (, page 56)
should have minimum_instruction_length multiplied in. If this
interpretation is correct the multiplication should be
mentioned in the number 8) description of DW_LNS_const_add_pc.

On the other hand, from the wording of DW_LNS_advance_pc (page
56) it appears that there is no multiplication there.

I think the document should make the correct interpretation
clearer. (whatever interpretation is correct).

If the above is correct, then simply adding words
about the multiplication by minimum_instruction_length to
list-item 8), DW_LNS_const_add_pc will suffice.