Minutes, March 7, 2000

Issue discussion:

991108.11    Fortran 90 arrays

    The proposal was accepted as proposed. There were some clarifications:
    The object being referenced with the DW_OP_push_object_address operator,
    in the case of a Fortran 90 array, is the descriptor of the array, not
    the actual array, which might not have been allocated. There was
    comment that the value generated by a location expression is not always
    an address, but may be an offset or another value. Ron Brender will
    propose clarifications to the spec for loc expr.

000131.1    Prologue identification

    The proposal was discussed and accepted as revised. The view was that
    the line table is a better place for this information than the frame
    description. There are compilers and debuggers which do not need a
    frame description to walk the stack, but all debuggers use the line
    table. This means that implementing prologue identification is a
    small incremental change to the line table processing, rather than
    a large enhancement to add frequently unnecessary frame info to an
    existing compiler/debugger to obtain the prolog/epilog locations.

991204.01    Line Operator Clarification

    The description for DW_LNS_const_add_pc should make it clear that the
    operand value is multiplied by the minimum instruction length. The
    description for DW_LNS_fixed_advance_pc should make it clear that the
    operand value is the value to be used, and should NOT be multiplied
    by the minimum instruction length. This appears to be existing
    practice. Both changes were determined to be editorial.