Minutes, March 21, 2000

Issue discussion:

000302.1    Class constant FORM

    DW_AT_data_member_location only permits expression, not constant value.
    Permitting constant would result in a reduction in the size of debug info.
    Const different from usage in other contexts. In this context, the value
    is to be added to the object base address, not stand for itself.

    There appears to be no need to generalize this.
    The proposal also describes changes to DW_FORM_ref, which was not discussed.
    Proposed changes to DW_FORM_const in this context approved.

000217.1    Dwarf procedures

    This is a space optimization. There were some clarifications and minor
    changes to the proposal. DW_OP_CALL points to a DIE. If this DIE has
    an AT_location attribute, this is evaluated and the result left on the
    evaluation stack. If there is no AT_location, DW_OP_CALL is a no op.
    A TAG_dwarf_procedure may be created to contain this AT_location if
    needed. Add a DW_OP_CALLI which takes the value at the top of the stack
    as the address of the DIE.

    Proposal was approved with modifications.

000302.2    Attribute extensibility

    This proposal was discussed and received generally favorable comments,
    but the consensus was that it needed more motivation and description.

Other issues:
    DW_FORM_ref_addr for location expressions is described as a constant.
    This should be "reference". Dave Weatherford will write proposal.

    Felix Burton will write proposals for Java language definition.