Minutes, April 4, 2000

Documentation -- Ron Brender

    Ron has produced an updated draft of the Dwarf2 standard using
    Microsoft Word and Acrobat. Links within the document are maintained
    in both versions. This will be posted on the Dwarf2 web page. Also,
    a document which shows the differences between the current standard
    and the draft will be posted. This change document has added text
    highlighted, but does not show deleted text. Changes in tables are
    not well handled by Word.

    We need to come up with a plan for reviewing the updated draft
    and verifying that it accurately reflects the approved changes.
    We also need to verify that it is internally consistent and complete.
    Suggestions on how to do this are welcome.

    There was discussion about the version number of the Dwarf2 standard.
    It is important that internal draft versions not be used until it has
    been released by the committee. The new standard will be Dwarf 2.1.0.

Issue discussion:

000305.1     Imaginary float

    This is needed to support C9X and is approved.

    There was discussion about type information represented as a TAG or
    an attribute. When it is important to show the order of a declaration,
    TAGs are needed. In this case, this is a new base type, similar to
    char or double.
000305.2    Restrict

    This is needed to support C9X and is approved.

    Since it is important to identify the order of the restrict keyword,
    this is a TAG, similar to that for const.

000314.1    Dwarf vs Location Expression

    In many places, the Dwarf2 standard uses location expressions to
    calculate values which are not actually locations. The standard
    should describe these as dwarf expressions.

    This change is editorial and approved.

Action item -- M. Eager

    Check with XOpen (or OpenGroup) about what rights, if any, they
    have to Unix International intellectual property. Specifically,
    whether they (or any other entity) acquired the copyright to the
    Dwarf2 standard from UI.

    If anyone has information on whether any of UI's assets were
    acquired by any other organization, please let me know.

Action item -- M. Eager

    The following items will be deleted unless someone raises an
        991026.1 Fortran 90 support
        991026.2 C++ support
        991026.4 Java support
    There are no proposals associated with these items. They appear to be
    placeholders which have been replaced by actual proposals.

Action item -- J. Dehnert

    Jim will check with SCO for permission to redistribute the ELF ABI

Action item -- M. Eager

    Proposal 000331.1 should be deleted and replaced with two proposals.