Minutes, April 18, 2000

Issue discussion:

000323.1     Java LANG definition

    Add DW_LANG_Java definition. Approved.

000323.2     Java Interface definition

    Add DW_TAG_interface_type for Java support. Approved.
    Interface is semantically equivalent to class or struct. A Java
    interface is equivalent to an abstract class in C++. Discussion
    about whether to create new tag or to use struct resulted in decision
    to create new TAG rather than reuse DW_TAG_struct. Struct, class and
    union are separate TAGs, even if the semantic differences between struct
    and class are minimal. Only the following attributes are expected:
    DECL (standard source location), DW_AT_accessibility, DW_AT_name,
    DW_AT_sibling, and DW_AT_start_scope.

000330.1     Call Frame extension

    Extend CFA computation to make it more general. The PowerPC Altivec
    function prolog dynamically aligns the stack by inserting alignment
    bytes. Current CFA only permits static description of stack frame.
    Add DW_CFA_def_cfa_expression and DW_CFA_expression to allow general
    computation of arbitrary expression. Approved.

Other issues --

    The results of committee discussion and decision, as reflected in
    the minutes, will be added to the proposals on the web page.

    Drafts of the Dwarf2 specification will be distributed every four