Minutes, May 2, 2000

Issue discussion:

000330.1     Change in CIE version number to 2, previously approved.

    After significant discussion, it was decided that the CIE version
    number should remain at 1, even if a producer used the new encodings
    provided in proposal 000330.1. Part of the rational is that a
    consumer would see the changed version number and not process the
    CIE, even if there were no substantial changes to the information.

000403.1 Call frame return register

    The proposal to change the return register specification in from
    a "ubyte" to "leb128" was not felt to be compelling at this time.
    The proposal is withdrawn until such time as there is another
    change to CIE which would lead to a change in the CIE version number.

000403.2 Dwarf files over 4Gb

    This was an editorial proposal relating to 991102.1. The suggestion
    was to use the phrase "64-bit format Dwarf" to describe support for
    Dwarf 2 files over 4 Gb. (This proposal has been appended to 991102.1.)

000410.4 Size of pointers into .debug_* sections

    This was an editorial comment about references to sections in a
    64-bit format Dwarf file needing to be 8 bytes, not 4. (This proposal
    has been appended to 991102.1.)

000406.1 Remove "Future Directions"

    The Future, anticipated in this Future Directions section, has
    arrived and looks different from that which was anticipated. This
    section no longer appears relevant. Approved.

000406.2 Add new C variant definitions


000414.1 Add Ada & Cobol definitions

    Although Dwarf 2 does not support Ada and Cobol, it does define
    values for DW_LANG for Ada and Cobol. This proposal updates the
    versions. Also add DW_LANG_Ada95. Approved.

Other issues --

    Revised draft documents will be distributed every two weeks.

    There will be an editing meeting on May 16, in the afternoon
    following the regular Dwarf 2 meeting.

Action item --

    Contact Ada Core Technologies (GNAT) re participation in Dwarf 2