Minutes, May 16, 2000

Issue discussion:

000403.3    Statement prolog header

    This is editorial, and is intended to make names consistent. Approved.

000405.1    Global Types section

    The purpose of this proposal appears to be to make for faster lookup
    of global types in C++. A similar feature was added to SGI's compiler
    but is not being used by the debugger. The proposal does not address
    template types.

    It was felt that there were other statisfactory ways to look up types
    and there was no prior art which demonstrated the benefits of this
    this change. This proposal deferred for further explaination and

000410.1    FORM_ref_addr

    Withdrawn by proposer in favor of 000410.3.

000410.3    Add aliases "loclist", "lineptr", "macptr"

    This proposal adds aliases to the description of the constant values
    described in section 7.5.4. These serve to clarify the use of the
    constant value, without changing the semantics of the constant values.
    Approved as an editorial change.

000410.2    New FORMs DW_AT_linep, locp, macp

    This proposal would add three new constant forms for addressing the line
    table, location lists, and macros. It is an incompatible change.
    It was felt that the benefits of this change did not warrant making
    a new, incompatible version of Dwarf 2.

    Withdrawn by proposer.

000428.1    Rename DW_FORM_ref_addr

    The impetus for this proposal was to clarify the meaning of
    DW_FORM_ref_addr. The proposed name, DW_FORM_ref_info, didn't appear
    to be any clearer than the current name, nor was any other acceptable
    name proposed. Rejected.

000428.2    Add DW_ATE_wchar_t

    This proposal was to use wchar_t to describe wide character types in C++.
    It was determined that this was not necessary, that describing a wide
    char as a DW_ATE_(un)signed_char with size of two or four as appropriate.
    (There was a confusion between Dwarf 2 base types, which are abstract
    descriptions of types, and C/C++ types which are described by the base
    types. wchar_t, int, and char are target language types which are
    described by the Dwarf 2 base types.) Withdrawn.

Next meeting: June 13, 2000.