Minutes, September 19, 2000


1) We discussed the open issues and sorted them into three
   categories as follows, and updated the "champion" for the proposals:

    Must Do
        991026.3 - Data Compression (Dehnert & Anderson)

    High Priority
        991108.2 - Virtual Function (Burton)

        991108.1 - Multiple Instruction Sets (Eager)
        991108.13 - Unwinding Stacks (Eager)
        000914.1 - Discontinuous Ranges
        000915.1 - Source Files

2) We decided that several proposals were rejected:

    991115.1 - Template Support
        This appeared to have been addressed.

    000223.1 - DW_AT_data_member_location
        Proposal unclear

    000302.2 - Attribute extensibility
        No compelling reason to adopt proposal.

3) An error was noted in the description of 000914.1. This should have
   been "Discontinuous Ranges" not "Factored Offset".

4) Issues to be discussed at future meetings, with champion and priority:

    Factored offset (Anderson, High Priority)
    Java extensions (Burton, Desirable)
    Versioning (Eager, Must Do)
    Modules - Fortran 90 (Brender, Desirable)
    Trampoline code - (Brender, Desirable)
    Void * discription - (Brender, Desirable)

5) Eager will look at GDB to attempt to clarify 991108.13.

6) Draft section 5.5.6 -- Data Member Entries
   There is non-substantive text which indicates that the address of
   the object should be pushed on the stack before and expression is
   evaluated. This may need to be made part of the substantive
   description of expression evaluation. The current text may have
   inadvertantly changed in meaning from the base document. Ron
   Brender will review this.

   Questions --
     Can IEEE-ISTO accept payments from multiple members?
     Document cost to users; what restrictions on distribution?
     What happens if support terminated?

8) Target dates:

    Jan 1, 2001 -- All issues resolved and proposals considered.
                -- Distribution for public review
    Mar 1, 2001 -- Evaluation of public review comments