Minutes, October 3, 2000

  Eager met with Andrew Salem, President of the IEEE Industry and
  Standards Organization to discuss participation under the ISTO

  Industry organizations under ISTO are called "forums". There are
  currently several standard efforts under the ISTO umbrella: Nexus
  5001 (formerly Global Embedded Processor Debug Interface Standard
  Consortium), PWG (Printer Working Group), Broadband Wireless Internet
  Forum (BWIF), and several others. The standards which these bodies
  produce are not IEEE standards, but standards of there respective

  Documents produced by the forums may, at the option of the forum,
  be freely distributed. IEEE-ISTO will manage billing members,
  archiving and publication of documents, and can provide a range of
  other services.

  Salem will send materials necessary to form a Dwarf2 forum.

Copyright --
  The existing document contains a copyright and disclaimer by Unix
  International. No one appears to have acquired any of the rights
  to this copyright when Unix International dissolved.

  Changes to the copyright were discussed at the meeting. Suggestions
  included: remove all prior copyright statements; mention Unix
  International is defunct; say the document is in the public domain.

  Final decision was to remove the disclaimer by Unix International
  from the copyright page and indicate that Unix International is defunct.
  The copyright statement was left as is. Additional changes may be
  needed when moved under IEEE-ISTO.

Schedule --
  We planned discussion for future meetings:

    10/17 -- void * (Brender)
             Fortran modules - proposal 000929.1 (Brender)
             trampoline/thunk/interlude code (Brender)

    10/31 -- factored offset (Anderson)

    11/14 -- versioning (Eager)
             java support (Burton)
             data compression (Dehnert/Anderson)
             multiple instruction sets (Eager)

Issue discussion:

000914.1 Discontinuous Ranges

  This proposal is to provide support for objects (compilation
  unit, subprogram, etc.) which are not contiguous in memory. Entries
  consist of a starting address and length for each segment of the block.
  There does not appear to be any conflict with the .debug_aranges
  contents, and, since DW_AT_low_pc and DW_AT_high_pc are not currently
  generated for discontinuous ranges, there appear to be little or no
  problem with upward compatibility. The proposal was accepted with a
  few modifications: the range entries are unsorted and contained in
  a new section: .debug_ranges. Any object with a discontinuous
  range must specify DW_AT_entry_pc.

000915.1 Source File

  This proposal, to define that DW_MACINFO_start_file contains a zero
  in the line number, was accepted.