Minutes, November 28, 2000

Issue discussion:

001012.1    Factored Offset

    This proposal adds DW_CFA_offset_extended_sf, DW_CFA_def_cfa_sf,
    and DW_CFA_def_cfa_offset_sf operation to the Call Frame Instructions.
    Using GNU glibc as a test, with 162K of frame description (approx 5%
    of the dwarf data), there was a 13% size reduction using these operations.
    Proposal adopted.

001101.1    Discontiguous scopes

    This proposal was discussed but no consensus was reached. Under this
    proposal, the description in the .debug_info section would not be complete,
    but would require that the optional .debug_aranges always be present.
    The problems appeared to revolve around loclists (sect 2.5.3) and ranges
    (proposal 00914.1). No action taken.

001113.1    Mulitple ISA Support

    This proposal adds an additional column in the line table to describe
    instruction set architecture and two operators which increment or decrement
    this ISA specification value. It was adopted with the following modification:
    a single operator DW_LNS_set_isa which takes an operand specifying an ISA.
    The initial value of the ISA specification is the default ISA for the processor.

Future meeting plans were discussed. We plan to meet on December 12 and January 9.