Minutes, January 9, 2001

    Eager has received copies of the Operating Procedures and
    Membership Forms for two groups which are operating under
    the auspices of IEEE-ISTO. He will revise them to apply to
    Dwarf 2 and distribute them for comment. A logo is needed.

Incomplete Proposals
    991026.3 Duplicate Dwarf data deletion
        Dave Anderson will chair a subcommittee with Ron Brender
        and Ulrich Drepper to finalize this proposal. A final
        version is expected no later than April 1.

    991108.2 C++ virtual functions
        Rejected with the recommendation that this be implemented
        as a vendor extension. The comments on this topic in
        email from Feb 21, 2000, will be appended to the proposal.

    991108.13 Unwinding stacks (DW_CFA)
        This appears to have been address in 001012.1 and 000330.1.

Late proposal
    We discussed whether the proposal submitted Dec 13, 2000, should be
    considered. After it was explained that it had no relationship to
    either 001101.1 or 001130.1 (despite its appearance to either modify
    or depend upon these proposals), and that it only applied to location
    lists, it was decided to request that this proposal be redrafted for
    consideration by the committee. Dave Weatherford noted that the
    proposal appeared to be addressed by existing text in the standard.

Discontiguous scopes
    Ron Brender will redraft 001130.1 to apply to Loclists.

Other issues
    Eager will prepare a proposal on versioning Dwarf 2.

    Publication of the standard for public review is delayed until
    April, to allow time for duplicate Dwarf elimination issued to
    be fully explored, possibly for inclusion as an additional
    chapter in the document.

    It was noted that there were a large number of outstanding issues
    related to Java. The committee felt that it was unlikely that
    any concrete proposals would be forthcoming that would address
    these issues. Java will be listed as partially supported (as
    represented by a dagger in Figure 27 in (draft 5) Section 7.12).