Minutes, March 6, 2001

Issue discussion:

010219.1 -- Duplicate Dwarf elimination

    This proposal describes a scheme which can be used to
    identify and eliminate duplicate Dwarf data. It does
    not require any changes to the Dwarf specification, and,
    although described in terms of ELF, is not bound to any
    specific object format. There were several suggestions
    about wording changes, particularly to introduce the
    concept of "section groups" (also called COMDAT sections)
    earlier in the presentation. Another suggestion was that
    the name DW_TAG_subunit might be changed to something more

    A concern was raised about the description referring to and
    appearing to depend upon ELF. The Dwarf specification
    does not currently mention ELF, and there is no generally
    available specification for the format. Opinion was
    offered that editorial changes to describe the scheme in
    more general, non-ELF dependent, terms would be desirable.

    Proposal accepted.

010222.1 -- Multisection location and range lists

    Variations on this proposal have been discussed at several
    Dwarf committee meetings. This proposal provides for an
    enhancement to location lists and range list to describe
    multiple, discontiguous address ranges. It also changes
    the requirements on where to specify DW_AT_low_pc and its

    Proposal accepted.

Late proposals
    We have received a number of proposals which address various
    Ada language issues. Our previous goal had been to complete
    the Dwarf specification and submit it for public review in
    April. Further, the committee contains few people who have
    an adequate understanding of Ada who would be able to review
    and discuss such proposals.

    The committee appreciates the contributions in this area and
    regrets that they arrive as the modifications to the standard
    are being finalized.

    The committee decided to consider proposals which would make
    Dwarf more "Ada friendly", but not to consider full support
    for Ada. This would mean proposals which address areas where
    the current standard either prevents or significantly impedes
    providing support for Ada in Dwarf would be considered, as well
    as proposals which make minor corrections to changes introduced
    in version 2.1. Other proposals will not be accepted; they
    may be addressed by vendor extensions and possibly presented
    for inclusion in a future Dwarf revision.

    Work has been continuing on drafting a procedures document
    which would formalize the Dwarf Standards Committee as part
    of IEEE-ISTO. Suggestions on notifications for public review
    included publishing a letter (or press release) in SigPLAN