Minutes, July 10, 2001

Issue discussion:

010503.1 Call references between shared library

    This proposal adds DW_OP_call operators which can reference
    Dwarf routines in other shared libraries. There were some
    questions about whether it was possible to use DW_OP_call_ref
    to perform an call to a routine in a different shared library,
    since there appears to be no way to push the address onto the
    stack. DW_OP_calli now appears to be unnecessary.

    Adopted. Ron Brender will write a proposal to remove DW_OP_calli.

010709.1 Add DW_TAG_mutable_type

    This proposal adds a tag so that the "mutable" keyword in
    C++ can be represented.


Other discussion:

    Still waiting on participation proposals.
    Will request info on editing, copyright, other requirements.

Public review

    Press release and notice of the standard's availability to
    SIGPLAN Notices, comp.compilers, as well as ISTO's PR channel.
    Should include Embedded Systems Programming, Dr. Dobbs, C/C++
    User's Journal, CACM, IEEE-CS, EE-Times. Any others?

    Three month review process. Comment process mechanism may
    be handled by ISTO to keep track of comments/responses.

Dwarf version numbering

    There was unanimous agreement that the changes to the Dwarf 2
    standard are sufficient to warrant changing the internal version
    numbers. The version number on the document, which we have been
    referring to as Dwarf 2.1, will be changed to Dwarf 3.

    The different data sections have independent version numbers.
    Only the sections which have been changed will be modified.

    Mike Eager will draft a proposal to change the version numbers
    and provide a summary of the differences between Dwarf 2 and
    Dwarf 3.

Other issues:

    Dave Anderson will draft a proposal to change the CIE register
    number from integer to LEB.