Minutes, Dwarf 2 Meeting - November 23, 1999

The issues list was posted to the email reflector. Discussion at
the meeting focused on the issues which had written proposals, followed
by other issues.

Issue discussion:

991021.1    Non-contiguous functions
    Jason Merrill will write a proposal, which will include issue
    991108.1 (Multiple instruction set support).

991026.3    Duplicate Dwarf data deletion
    Champion is now Jason Merrill, who will write a proposal.

991102.1     Modify field definitions for 64-bit arch     Adopted
    A compiler would need to be told to generate 64-bit Dwarf data.
    A smart linker might be able to combine 32-bit Dwarf with 64-bit
    Dwarf, but lacking this, all Dwarf files would need to be the
    same type. An existing tool which did not handle 64-bit Dwarf
    would likely fail upon reading a 64-bit Dwarf file, rather than
    provide spurious results.

    A number of editorial changes will be required.

991108.1    Multiple instruction set support
    Merged into 991021.1

991108.3    Attribute spelling                 Adopted
    Figure 1 should be corrected to use the spelling in the body of the
    document for DW_TAG_template_type_parameter and

991108.4    DW_FORM_ref_addr ambiguous             Adopted
    The description for DW_FORM_ref_addr should replace "address" with
    "offset from the start of the .debug_info section". This was
    determined to be the original intent of this form.

991108.5    Lookup by address                 Adopted
    In Section 6.1.2, insert the word "non-zero" before "length of that

991108.6    DW_OP_add                     Adopted
    Editorial: This should be spelled DW_OP_plus.

991108.7    DW_AT_const_value                 Adopted
    Editorial: The appendix should be corrected to use the spelling
    of DW_AT_const_value in the text.

991108.8    Attribute Encodings                 Withdrawn
    Editorial: In Section 7.5.4, the description of "constant" is worded
    awkwardly and can be improved.

991108.9    DW_OP_bregx                     Adopted
    Reword description in Section to indicate that the register
    number preceeds the offset.

991118.1    Unicode support                     Adopted
    Strings use UTF-8 encoding. A reference to IEC/ISO 10646 should be